Monday, January 1, 2018

Yellow Roses

               INT.  LIVING ROOM

               BROOKE, 20s, sits on a couch.  A coffee table sits in front
               of her.  She checks her cell phone.  She checks her watch.
               Two wine glasses sit on the coffee table with a bottle of
               wine.  One glass is filled.  Brooke picks it up and takes a

               We HEAR the sound of a door latch.  In walks JACK, 20s, with
               a backpack slung over his shoulder and holding a dozen red

                         Don't say a thing.  Not one little
                         thing.  Because I have something to
                         say to you first.

               Brooke sits on her irritation.

                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         I love you more than you can know.
                         So much, that I went out of my way
                         to buy you a dozen of your favorite

                         Yellow roses.  Yellow roses are my

                         Yes.  I knew that.  And that's why
                         I'm late because I traipsed all
                         over the neighborhood looking for
                         yellow roses.  But I failed.  I
                         failed you once again.  But I
                         thought red roses might...

                         Might what?  Make up for the fact
                         that you are an hour and half late?

                         The rehearsal went over. No one,
                         except me of course, knew their
                         lines and the director was, let's
                         say, totally pissed.  So he forced
                         us to stay late and run lines.
                         Over and over. I'm exhausted,

                         I bet.

               Jack places his backpack on the chair next to the couch.

                         Shall I place these in a vase?

                         How about I place your skull in a
                         vise and it tightens to the point
                         of hearing it crack.

               Jack places the roses on the coffee table.

                         I am very good at reading people,
                         and though I could be wrong, I
                         think you are a tad irritated with
                         me.  Am I right?

                         I have been texting and calling you
                         all day.  I wrote thirty five
                         texts, to be exact, thirty four of
                         which I sent. The last one said
                         "fuck you" but because I am not
                         prone to immature outbursts, I
                         decided not to send that one.

               Jack pulls his cell phone out of his pocket.  He turns it

                         Brooke, my love, you know that when
                         I am in rehearsal I turn my cell
                         phone off.  And bingo, look at
                         that.  I see all your texts now.
                         I'm sorry.

               Jack sits next to Brooke, it first placing his cell phone in
               the outside pocket of his backpack which sits on the adjacent
               chair.  Jack is about to place his arm around Brooke.

                         Do not... do not touch me.

                         You know how important my acting
                         is, my career.  And this play is
                         one of the best things I've ever
                         been in.  It will get reviewed.
                         And if I'm lucky, it might lead to
                         something else.

                         I saw your tweet.

                         Which one?

                         The one where you are so excited
                         that the play might move to Los


                         No, it's not OK.  We live in New
                         York.  I live in New York, and you
                         are telling everybody on Twitter
                         that you are excited to be 3,000
                         miles from me.  How is that OK?

                         Do you know how ridiculous that is.
                         I am not excited to be 3,000 miles
                         from you.  I am excited that the
                         play may move to LA.  And of course
                         it would be great if you came.

                         And how am I going to do that?  I
                         can't just leave my job.

                         Ok. Ok.  I get that.    But even if
                         the play moves to LA, it would only
                         be for a few months.

                         A few months here, a few months
                         there... it adds up.

                         Distance makes the heart grow

                         Well your heart clearly needs to
                         grow fonder since I am not feeling
                         very loved.

               Jack now places his arm around Brooke.  She lets him.  He
               kisses her on the cheek.

                                   BROOKE (CONT'D)
                         So... you... love me?

                         I said it this morning.  In bed.

                         I must have been sleeping.

                         I kissed you on the forehead and
                         whispered in your ear "I love you



                         I hope the play totally fails and
                         does not move to LA.

                         So do I.

               Brooke turns and kisses Jack on the lips.

                         I'm joking.  I hope it's a big

               Jack kisses Brooke's forehead.  He stands.

                         I'm going to take a shower.  And
                         then I will join you for some wine

                         And what?

               Jack smiles and leaves.  Brooke smiles, feeling somewhat
               satisfied.  She takes a sip of wine.  She picks up a magazine
               from the coffee table.  She flips through some pages.  We
               HEAR the buzz of a cell phone.  The sound is coming from
               Jack's backpack that he left on the chair next to the couch.
               Sticking half way out of the outside pocket is Jack's cell.
               It is lit with the name of the person calling him.  It says

               Brooke hesitates.  She removes the phone from Jack's bag and
               stares at the screen.  She decides to answer...

                                   BROOKE (CONT'D)
                             (into the phone)

               There is a pause.

                                   BROOKE (CONT'D)
                             (into the phone)
                         We are so glad someone called. This
                         phone was locked and so we did not
                         know whose it was.

                             (voice over)
                         Oh, Jack must have left his phone
                         at... this is The Cafe Amour?

                             (into the phone)
                         The Cafe... yes this is the Cafe

                             (voice over)
                         OK great.  Jack and I had dinner
                         there tonight.  Can you hold it for
                         us.  I'll be right over to get it.

                             (into the phone)
                         Yes.  Of course.  Your name?

                             (voice over)
                         Denise Talbott.  Thanks so much.

                             (into the phone)

               Brooke hangs up.  She pauses, trying to wrap her head around
               it all.  She places the phone back in Jack's backpack.

               A beat.  Jack walks out in a bathrobe, his hair wet from the
               shower. Jack picks up the bottle of wine on the table.

                         Stag's Leap.  A little pricey, no?

                         You know what, rather than spend
                         time at home drinking wine, why
                         don;t we go out?

                         Oh man, I was just looking forward
                         to hanging with you, on the couch,
                         watch a movie, drink some wine.

                         What about dinner?  I'm starving.

                         Yes.  Dinner.  Funny, I'm so
                         exhausted, I'm just not hungry.
                         You want me to whip you up

                         No. I've been home all day and I
                         really need to get out.

                         OK, well... can we keep it light.
                         How about the sushi place on the

               Brooke stands up.

                         I heard that Cafe Amour has great

                         Cafe Amour?  That's real expensive,

                         Is it?

                         I promise I'll take you there
                         another night, just not tonight.

               Brooke walks up to Jack and kisses him on the cheek.

                         We're going tonight.  It was highly
                         recommended.  By my new friend.

               Brooke steps away.

                                   BROOKE (CONT'D)
                         Meet me downstairs when your
                         dressed.  OK lover boy.

               Brooke leaves.  Jack is frozen.

                                                               THE END.

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