Tuesday, January 2, 2018


            INT.  LIVING ROOM  NIGHT

            Over black we HEAR an infant crying.  FADE UP from black to
            the POV of an infant lying on a mattress on the floor.  We
            see the feet and legs of someone walking toward the CAMERA.
            The CAMERA PANS UP (or TILTS UP, depending on setup of
            camera), until we see a woman, MIA, standing above the CAMERA
            looking down at the CAMERA, which is the infant.  Mia is
            haggered, disheveled, and not happy about the wailing infant.
            Mia kneels and reaches for the infant.

                                                                 CUT TO:

            Mia raises the infant, which is wrapped in a torn and filthy
            blanket.  Mia rocks the child, irritated that the infant has
            yet again woken up.  She walks over to a couch, where BRUCE
            sits, looking strung out, a little dazed, an open bottle of
            Jack Daniels in his hand.  He is in a ripped t-shirt.  Mia
            sits down with infant.

                      Fuck...I can't do this anymore.

            Mia lowers her blouse and places the infants mouth on her
            nipple.  When the infant grabs on with it's mouth, Mia seems
            to react in pain.

                                MIA (cont'd) (contíd)
                      What are you going to do, just sit there?

                      What do you want me to do?

                      I can't take this shit anymore, Bruce.
                      You hear me.

                      Loud fuckin' clear.

                      You buy a fuckin' case of Jack Daniels,
                      but you tell me we can't afford formula.

                      Heh, man, it's better for the
                      baby...breat milk is better for the baby.

                      What the fuck do you know about what's
                      better for the baby.  You didn't want
                      this baby, remember.  You could give two
                      shits.  My nipples are killing me.
                      I've slept like three hours in the last
                      two days.  When are you going back to

                      I'm not working no more shit jobs.  I'm
                      not runnin' around for no one else.  I'm
                      going to open my own gig.

                      What gig?  What the fuck are you talking

                      I don't know. A restaurant.  A bar.
                      Invite some models over...hang a couple
                      of motorcycles.

                      Yeah, where you going to get the money?
                      Aaaaaggghhh!!!!  This fucking kid is
                      killing me.  You got that shit.

                      Heah man, you can't do shit when your
                      feedin' the kid.

                      Fuck you.  Just give me the shit, OK.

                      It's not right, man.  You're not going to
                      fuck around with my son.

                      Give me the fucking shit man or I'll
                      fucking throw the kid out the window.

            Bruce opens a bag and pulls out a spoon, a hyperdermic needle
            and a rubber hose.  He pours a liquid and powder on the
            spoon, lights it with a match, and filling the hyperdermic
            needle.  He then grabs Mia's left arm, taps the underside of
            Mia's elbow, and ties the rubber hose around Mia's arm.  As
            Bruce is doing all this, Mia's goes on and on about things.

                                MIA (cont'd) (contíd)
                      I'll throw the kid out the window.  I'm
                      tired of this shit man.  You staying
                      home, doing not a fucking thing.  This is
                      a rat hole.

                      This is a rat hole because you live like
                      a pig.

                      Oh, you don't live here, man?  What are
                      you, some occupant?  You don't have

                      I get the shit, man.

                      You get the shit...and you use most of
                      the shit too.  Damn, every goddamn time
                      we're about to take a dive the fucking
                      kid wakes up...I'm not stoppin' my life
                      just because he wakes up, man.  We go on
                      with our life.  Nothing changes, man, you
                      hear me.

                      I hear you, man.

                      Maybe we should move out of this shit
                      hole.  Fuckin' neighbors are shits.  The
                      water's never hot.  The toilet doesn't
                      work.  I found cockroaches all over the
                      kid yesterday.

                      A cockroach never hurt anyone man.

                      Cockroaches on the baby, asshole.  I
                      don't want cockroahces crawling in the
                      mouth of baby Billy.  You got that.

                      Yeah, I got that.

                      You think I don't care?  You think I
                      don't give a shit about our kid?  We got
                      to get out of here.  Florida.  I want to
                      go to Florida.  I saw on TV that
                      Disneyland is hiring anyone.

                      Disney World.

                      Fuck, we could get a job down in Disney
                      World...warm sun...everything's clean.

                      There ain't no shit down in Disney World,
                      Mia.  I won't be able to get any shit
                      down in Disney World, man.

            By now, Bruce has injected a healthy hit of heroin into Mia's
            left arm, and it is starting to affect her.

                      Florida.  I want to go to Florida, Bruce.
                      I want to go to Disney World and live in
                      that castle, in the top of that castle.
                      I seen pictures of that castle and that
                      town.  Main Street.  Fantasyland.  I want
                      to work in Fantasyland.

                      Fantasyland is for the kids, Mia.

                      I want to work on one of those rides, or
                      be workin' on fixin' those figures.  It's
                      a Small World.  I seen that on TV.
                      People ride in a boat and see all these
                      little figures.  I want to be in that
                      ride, workin' those figures and fixin'
                      them when they break.  And I want to be
                      there when the place closes.  I want to
                      be the only one in Fantasyland when the
                      place closes.  When it's quiet and I can
                      sit in one of those boats all by myself.

                      You don't want baby Billy with you?

                      Of course I want baby Billy with me, you
                      asshole.  That's the point.  I want him
                      to have a life...he's sleeping again.
                      He's sleeping again, thank god.

            Mia gets up and walks over to the mattress.  She kneels and
            places baby Billy on the mattress.

                                                                 CUT TO:

            POV of baby Billy.  The POV is of Mia's feet.  Mia bends over
            to see Billy's face.

                                MIA (cont'd) (contíd)
                      That's funny.  His eyes are open, but he
                      ain't cryin'.  Fuck it, if he ain't
                      cryin', I'm not goin' to complain.

            Mia walks back to the couch and sits down.

                      Are you sure baby Billy's OK?

                      I'm tired Bruce.  I want to leave town
                      tomorrow.  I want to take a bus tomorrow
                      to Florida.  OK?

                      Whatever you say Mia.  Whatever you say.

                                                                THE END.

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