Monday, January 1, 2018


               EXT.  BEACH  DAY

               AVIKA MENDES, 20s, is sitting on the beach, on the sand.  She
               is watching the surf.  She is alone on a long stretch of
               beach.  She is wearing a black crew neck top (the black top
               is important because it later facilitates a cut).

               Avika is holding back tears.  We are with her, alone, for a
               time.  She keeps staring at the waves like they mean
               something.  She closes her eyes and imagines a time before,
               before the thing that happened on the beach.  But she cannot
               muster any good thoughts but only fleetingly.

                         You are sitting in my spot.

               Avika is startled.  She turns and sees a GIRL, 20s, standing
               very close to her, holding a towel.  Avika looks up at the
               Girl.  The audience did not see the Girl walk up and sit.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Excuse me?

                         You are sitting in my spot?

               Avika looks up and down the beach to re-confirm that she is

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         You are joking, right?

               The Girl then takes the towel and lays it our next to Avika.
               She sits on the towel.  Avika is awkward and a tad irritated,
               not knowing how to respond.

                         It's OK.  I am a reasonable person.
                         I'm sitting close to my spot.
                         Which is good.  It is all good.

               Avika is trying to process the bizarre circumstances.  Avika
               is about to muster a comment when...

                                   GIRL (CONT'D)
                         So why are you here. All alone,
                         sitting on the beach, staring at
                         the ocean?

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         I am so sorry, but I am not really
                         interested in... in chatting with
                         anyone at the moment.

                         Did you lose someone?  Did you lose
                         someone at this beach?  IS that why
                         you stare at the ocean.

               Avika can handle no more of this.  She gets up, without being
               polite or saying goodbye, she moves a 100 to 200 feet down
               the beach and sits on the sand facing the water.  She looks
               down the from where she came, and the Girl remains seated on
               her beach towel.

               Avika tries to adjust to the intrusion.  She hold her bent
               knew, maybe hiding her head and face, then peaking out again
               at the surf.  A few moments go by.  They she raises her head
               and sitting right next to her, suddenly, without any notice,
               the Girl is sitting once again immediately next to Avika.

               Avika is startled, and shocked, maybe scared.

                                   GIRL (CONT'D)
                         People always come to the beach
                         because they think it is calming.
                         But there is nothing calming about
                         the beach.

               Avika stands and takes a step back.  The Girl looks at Avika.

                                   GIRL (CONT'D)
                         The beach is a dangerous place.  It
                         is starting to gobble up the earth.

               Avika does not know what to say or how to respond to the

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Look, I don't know who you are or
                         what you want, but whatever it is
                         you are trying to do =, it is not
                         appreciated.  Find someone else to

               Avika walks away, determinedly, down the length of the beach,
               back to her car.  She has decided to leave.

               At some point in her walk, she turns to look back at the
               Girl.  But the Girl is not there.  The beach is empty.  Avika
               turns and looks around, feeling spooked, confused.  Trying to
               shake the strangeness, she walks on to her car.

               EXT.  AVIKA'S OLD HOUSE  DAY

               A car pulls up in front of a dilapidated, run-down shack of a
               house.  Avika gets out of the car.
               Another car is waiting there.  A man, NICOLAS FULIP, stands
               by his car.  Nicolas approaches.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         Miss Mendes.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Sorry I am late.  You have been
                         waiting long?

                                   NICOLAS FULIP

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Well, like I said I am sorry.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         I am in a rush.  Can we get

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         This going to take long.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         Five minutes.  I take a few photos.
                         I will email you an estimate.

                                   AVIKA MENDES

               Avika walks to the front door, opens it, and Avika and
               Nicolas both enter.

               INT.  AVIKA'S OLD HOUSE  DAY

               Avika is somewhat embarrassed about the house.  It is a mess.
               She has started to pack a few things.  A few cardboard boxes
               lie around.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         I haven't had time to box

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         You needn't do that.  We will take
                         care of all packing.

               Nicolas starts snapping photos.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP (CONT'D)
                         You in a rush to get this done?

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         The closing is next Tuesday.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         Not sure I can schedule you before

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         When I called the lady said you
                         could do it by then.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         She always says that so we get the
                         business.  This place is a dump.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Yeah.  I know.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         You inherit this from someone?

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         My parents.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         You grew up here?

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Not really.  I mean yes and no.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         OK, I'm finished.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         So before next Tuesday?

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         I will email you an estimate for an
                         expedited pack and move.  It is
                         about twenty-five percent above the
                         normal rate.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         OK, well, if that is necessary.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         It's only necessary if you say so.
                         You're the client.  You will get an
                         email by tomorrow.

               Nicolas heads for the door.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Thank you.

               Nicolas takes one last look around the house.

                                   NICOLAS FULIP
                         My condolences about your parents.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Oh, no... they passed away several
                         years ago.  But thank you.

               Nicolas lease and shuts the door from behind him.

               Avika walks around the house.  Possibly checking out the
               kitchen, a room here and there.  She sees a box, or a shelf.
               She picks up from the box or off the shelf an old photograph
               of a man and a woman and two girls, one older girl and one
               younger girl.  It is a family photo.  INSERT of the photo.

                         So this is where you moved.

               Avika is startled and turns around.  The Girl is standing

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         What the...  How did you get in
                         here?  Did you follow me?

                         Finally selling it?

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         I need you to leave right now or I
                         am calling the police.

               The Girl walks around the house.  She sees a cardboard box on
               the floor, reaches down and pulls out a doll.  She holds the
               doll throughout the scene.

                         You called her Sally.

               Avika is stunned.  A beat.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         How did you know that?

                         I cannot imagine living here.

               Avika still refuses to be roped on by what she considers a
               crazy woman.  She takes out her cell phone.  She dials.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Yes.  My name is Avika Mendes and I
                         live at (PUT ADDRESS HERE).  I have
                         an intruder in my house... no, I am
                         not in danger, at least I do not
                         think so, but she refuses to leave.
                         Yes.  Yes.  Please do send someone.
                         Thank you.

               Avika hangs up.  Avika stands her ground.  The Girl walks
               around slowly, touching things.

                         All of this.  This sad looking
                         house.  The boxes.  The deaths of
                         two parents.  It looks like the
                         remnants of a miserable life.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         You have been harassing me all day,
                         and now you insult me and my

                         All because Enoni died.

               Again, Avika is stunned.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         OK, you have got to stop it.

                         She drowned.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Anyone could google my family and
                         find out something about what
                         happened, I am sure.

                         Yes, but your mother and father
                         never told anyone that you were
                         babysitting your sister.  You were
                         watching her at the beach.  You got
                         tired of the sun and so moved to
                         the shade.  And fell asleep under a
                         tree.  When you awoke your baby
                         sister was dead.

               Avika stands motionless, frozen with shame and fear and

                                   AVIKA MENDES

                         Enoni had drowned.

                                   AVIKA MENDES

                         And you blamed yourself.  And your
                         parents blamed you.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         Stop it.  Please.

                         Your father lost his job.  Your
                         mother became ill.  They lost their
                         jobs and moved here, from a life of
                         luxury to a life of misery all

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         I said shut up.  You don't know

               The Girl takes a step closer to Avika.  Avika does not notice
               because she is too upset.

                         Can you imagine going back.

                                   AVIKA MENDES

                         Imagine going back.  Back so you
                         can change things.

               Avika does not know what to say, she does not know whether to
               strike out and hit this Girl or to cry.

                                   GIRL (CONT'D)
                         Close your eyes.  Close them and
                         imagine just for a moment the life
                         before when Enoni was alive.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         I don't want to.

                         You think of it often.  Close your
                         eyes.  Close them.

               As the Girl speaks the CAMERA SLOWLY DOLLIES toward Avika's

                                   AVIKA MENDES


                                   AVIKA MENDES


               When the CAMERA is in a VERY CLOSE SHOT which includes
               Avika's eyes only, Avika shuts her eyes.  The CAMERA then
               CRANES DOWN so the entire FRAME is filled with Avika black
               shirt.  When we are in black there is a secret CUT.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The CAMERA DOLLIES BACK... Then Avika opens her eyes.

                                   AVIKA MENDES
                         This is stupid.  I cannot

               Avika sees she is standing in her old house when she was much
               younger, before Enoni had died.  It is a nice home.  A rich
               and lavish home.

               Avika is shaking with fear and bewilderment.  The Girl is
               standing there, still holding the doll Sally.  Avika looks
               around but is afraid to move or step away from her spot.  She
               does not believe this.  It is a dream.  It must be a dream.

               As Avika scans the apartment or house=, the CAMERA PANS her
               POV.  Avika is shaking with fear.

                                   AVIKA MENDES (CONT'D)
                         I am not here.  I am not here.  I
                         don't know who you are and how you
                         are doing this, but this is not
                         real.  I am dreaming.

               The Girl walks up to Avika.  They are face to face.  The Girl
               holds Sally the doll up.

                         Remember how we used to play with
                         Sally.  You would say Sally is your
                         friend and I would say Sally is my
                         sister.  We played with her.  Your
                         friend, my sister. And we took
                         Sally to the beach that day.  And I
                         played in the water with her.  And
                         we forgot that we had placed a
                         message inside Sally, in the back
                         through this slit.

               The Girl shows the slit to Avika.

                                   GIRL (CONT'D)
                         And though it took a few days for
                         them to find my body, they found
                         Sally right away, lying on the
                         sand.  But when you got Sally back
                         after I died, there was no message
                         in her.  It had gotten washed away
                         in the ocean.

               The Girl hands Sally to Avika.

                                   GIRL (CONT'D)
                         Do not be fooled by my appearance.
                         Everything changes after you die,
                         for the one who died and for those
                         who loved the one who died.

               Avika looks at the eyes of the Girl and thinks she recognizes
               them.  It is her.  The Girl take her fingers and closes
               Avika's eyes.  The CAMERA CRANES DOWN filling the FRAME with
               Avika's black shirt.  Another secret cut...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT.  AVIKA'S OLD HOUSE  DAY

               The CAMERA DOLLIES BACK.  We have returned to the old house.
               As the CAMERA DOLLIES BACK into a MEDIUM LONG SHOT, it stops.
               Avika is holding Sally, the doll.  She opens her eyes.

               She stands motionless.  Then notices she is holding Sally.
               She reaches into the slit in the back of the doll and pulls
               out the old message written on a piece of paper, the message
               that was lost on the day Enoni drowned.  Avika opens the fold
               of the paper.  INSERT A SHOT of the paper:  ENONI AND AVIKA -
               SISTERS FOREVER.

               Avika looks up.  Her eyes are red.   She is holding back
               tears.  She is holding back confusion and bewilderment.  But
               a certain sense of peace might start to enter.

               The CAMERA DOLLIES BACK away from Avika, out the front door
               and away fro the old house.

                                                          CUT TO BLACK.

                                                               THE END.

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