Monday, January 1, 2018


               INT.  WAITING ROOM  DAY

               RILEY, 20s, and LUNA, 20s, sit in a waiting area with a few
               other young women.  They are separated by one chair.  They
               are all holding scripts and are not interacting.  Riley is
               mouthing lines from the script.  Luna sits with the script in
               her lap, good posture, looking straight ahead.  A CASTING
               ASSISTANT comes in.

                                   CASTING ASSISTANT
                         Rashid Waadi?

               Riley smiles at the Casting Assistant.  A woman walks past
               the CAMERA in the direction of the Casting Assistant.  We do
               not see the faces of Rashid or the Casting Assistant, only
               Riley and Luna.  Riley and Luna are left.  A few beats pass.

                         This is my sixth audition this

               Luna nods in acknowledgment.

                                   RILEY (CONT'D)
                         And it's only Wednesday.  I have an
                         awesome agent.

               Luna nods again.

                                   RILEY (CONT'D)
                         He sends me out on everything.
                         He's really great.

               Awkward beat.  Riley is talking to calm herself mostly.

                                   RILEY (CONT'D)
                         I had fourteen auditions last week.
                         I'm so exhausted by the end of the
                         day, I just have difficulty, you
                         know, holding down a job.  I mean I
                         was let go, fired actually, from
                         this bartending gig.  But it's all
                         good.  My boss... my boss was not
                         the nicest guy.

               Luna remains polite, acknowledging, Riley without engaging.
               Another beat.

                                   RILEY (CONT'D)
                         I've been to so many auditions,
                         I've seen the same actors over and
                         over.  Rashid, the girl just called
                         in, I saw her yesterday, and three
                         times last week.


                                   RILEY (CONT'D)
                         I haven't seen you.

               Luna smiles.

                                   RILEY (CONT'D)
                         My name is Riley.


                         Luna?  Is that like a made-up
                         professional name?

                         No.  It's my real name.

                         Wow.  That's cool.  Riley is
                         totally made up.  I was born Wendy
                         Smith.  Can you believe it.  And of
                         course there is already a Wendy
                         Smith in SAG.  So I changed it.  I
                         had to change it.

                         How did you get Riley?

                         Oh, it's really stupid.  You don't
                         want to know.


                         It was my dog.  The name of my dog.
                         I just figured, you know, Riley
                         sounds cool.  When I was a kid I
                         named my Golden Retriever Riley.
                         Red Riley we used to call him.  I
                         like Riley.  So I took that.


                                   RILEY (CONT'D)
                         I told you it was stupid.

                         No.  It's a nice story.

                         I don't know why my agent sent me
                         on this audition.  Did you read the


                         It says multi-ethnic woman,
                         twenties, athletic.


                         I get the twenties thing.  And they
                         don't give a shit that we're
                         athletic or not.  They say that
                         because they don't want fat girls
                         showing up.

                         I see.

                         But the multi-ethnic thing, I mean
                         you know what that means?

                         I guess it means what it says.

                         Well, it means no white girls and I
                         have to tell you, it also means no
                         black girls.  They want an olive
                         complexion, you know where the girl
                         could be Arabic, or Indian or
                         Italian maybe, like some mixture.

                         That's why I don't read the

                         Well, I'm not multi-ethnic.  An
                         neither are you.  We are both
                         totally not multi-ethnic.

                         Maybe we can inhabit a multi-ethnic

                         They don't care about that.  The
                         second you and I walk into that
                         room, they will dismiss us.  I mean
                         they aren't going to say it.  They
                         don't say anything, actually.  They
                         smile that phony smile and you
                         introduce yourself and do your
                         thing and they say goodbye.  It's a
                         waste of time, really.

                         Then why are you here?

                         Because... because it's an
                         audition... and that is what we do,
                         right?  Actors drop everything and
                         anything to do every audition they
                         can get.

                         You are lucky to have an agent that
                         takes care of you.

                         Well... well, he has only been my
                         agent for a month.  And since I
                         have not had one call back since he
                         signed me, how much you want to bet
                         he will stop taking care of me very

                         If you signed with him, he can't
                         just drop you.

                         OK, I'm not really signed.  I'm
                         freelancing.  He's like checking me
                         out.  Why are you here?

                         The same reason you are here.

                         You don't meet the breakdown
                         description, so there's no way.
                         You know there's no way, right?

                         I have had to enter many rooms in
                         my life where I'm not wanted.

                         You know, I hate that girl, Rashid.
                         I have no reason to hate her.  But
                         she and I keep showing up at the
                         same auditions and now rather than
                         friends, we are competitors.  We
                         are adversaries.  And so now I hate

                         That's too bad.

                         I didn't mean...


                         To imply that I will hate you.

                         That's good to know.

                         It's the process, the way the whole
                         business is set up.  It makes us...


                         It makes us have contempt for each

                         I think if you chose to look at
                         your fellow actors as colleagues,
                         colleagues that are having the same
                         experience as you... maybe you
                         would have compassion rather than


                         And stop reading the breakdowns.
                         You are an actor, right?


                         So act.

                         I'm just so afraid I'm not good.
                         Maybe I'm not good.

                         Maybe.  And maybe the people who
                         sit in that room, maybe they are
                         not good.  Maybe no one has any
                         idea if they are good at what they
                         do.  And yet we do it.  So just do


               Rashid comes out of the room.  She walks past the CAMERA.
               The Casting Assistant is partially in FRAME, though we do not
               see her face.

                                   CASTING ASSISTANT
                         Riley Brazil.

               Riley looks at Luna.  Luna at Riley.

                         It's a great name, don't you think?


               Riley gets up follows the Casting Assistant off screen.

                                                          CUT TO BLACK.

                                                               THE END.

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