Monday, January 1, 2018

Back Windows

               INT.  DAY

               LUCY stands at a window on a high floor of a commercial
               building facing another building across an alley.  MACKIE
               steps into FRAME.

                         It's that window right there.

               Lucy points toward a window across the alley at the other

                         So what are you saying?  You saw
                         another murder?

                         I don't appreciate that tone,
                         Mackie.  Like I'm making this stuff

                         Lucy, four days ago you said you
                         saw a woman get molested in that
                         window.  (pointing to another
                         window) Two days ago it was child
                         pornography in another window.  And
                         today...what is it today?  A man
                         fired a gun and killed someone.

                         I didn't say he killed someone.
                         But one could infer something bad
                         happened if I saw a gun shot.



                         And so how come no one heard a gun

                         This is the city, Mackie.  A
                         building could blow up and you
                         might not hear it.

                         Oh for chrissake, we have to get
                         back to work.
                         I am not going to lose my job
                         because of your unrestrained

                         So it's paranoia to think that that
                         building over there is evil?

                         Did you ever call Dr. Dershowitz?

                         Don't turn this into some
                         psychobabble thing.  I am not

                         Yes.  Of course.

                         I saw Dr. Dershowitz and he
                         said...he said I was totally
                         normal.  A little high strung, but
                         normal.  He never used the word
                         paranoia.  So there.

                         Of course he's going to tell you
                         you're normal.  In his world, it is
                         normal to be neurotic.

                         Neurotic yes.  Paranoid no.

               Lucy sees something in the building next door.  She SHRIEKS
               and points.


               Mackie looks.

                                   MACKIE (CONT'D)

                         Oh my god.  Oh my god.  A shadow.
                         And then a knife.  And I can swear
                         I saw blood.  Lots of red.

               Mackie looks again.  She sees nothing.

                         This is really sick.  You need
                         help.  You really need help.

               JENNA walks in.

                         Hey guys, Brad Pitt is signing
                         autographs downstairs in the lobby.

                         Brad Pitt?

                         Yeah, they've been shooting a movie
                         all week in that building (she
                         points to the building across the
                         alley) and he is like totally

                         A movie?

                         Yeah some thriller or something.
                         They've taken over the entire
                         building.  Jesus, do you live in a
                         closet.  Everyone knows about it.

               Jenna leaves.  A moment.

                         See.  I told you that building was

               Lucy leaves.  Mackie stands there stunned.

                                                               THE END.

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