Sunday, January 7, 2018

Gloria ?

               INT.  LIVING ROOM

               GLORIA walks into frame.   She is placing on a jacket or
               coat.  A male voice, TIM, off screen addresses Gloria.

                         We're late.  So let's move it.

                         Excuse me?  Do I know you?

                         Your shoes.  You don't have your
                         shoes on.

                         Where am I?

                         This is a very important meeting.
                         A big client.  We have to impress.

                         Is this some kind of game?

                         Game?  What game?  Gloria, please.

                         My name is not Gloria.
                         It's...It's...Amy.  My name is Amy.

                         OK.  I get it.  It's April first.
                         April fools.  Joke's over.  The

                         It's April?

                         This is a million dollar account.
                         You have to be on your best

                         You think we're married?

                         Gloria.  I'm now getting annoyed.

                         I am almost certain that I am not
                         Gloria, I am not married to you
                this our home?  No
                         wait, this is my home.  What are
                         you doing in my home?


                         You've broken into my house and...
                         and... and your wearing my
                         husband's clothes.  Do we have
                         children?  We have children.  I
                         have a child.  He's a boy.  What
                         have you done with him?

                         OK, your starting to worry me...

                         Let me tell you what you need to
                         worry about... a mother's wrath.
                         What did you do with my son?  I
                         swear I will take a serrated
                         kitchen knife and cut your penis
                         off and put it on a hot dog bun if
                         you don't get out of my house and
                         leave us alone.

               Gloria tries to calm herself.  She takes a deep breath, and
               morphs into a relaxed wife.

                                   GLORIA (CONT'D)
                             (to herself)
                         Wow.  That was cool.  Hadn't felt
                         that since I played Lady MacBeth in
                         high school.  Sorry.  Hey.  It's
                         April Fools.  Let's go to dinner.

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