Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Little Misunderstanding

               INT  SMALL ROOM

               TERESA sits on a chair over a coffee table examining a chess
               board which is set up with pieces in the middle of a game.
               Teresa seems fidgety.  A moment passes.  NICKY walks in and
               sits down opposite Teresa.  Nicky is wearing black gloves and
               a loose jacket.  She looks at the chess board.  Teresa looks
               at Nicky.

                         Did you do it?

                         You didn't move.

                         Nicky, did you do it?



                         Are you going to move?

                         What was all the yelling about?  I
                         could hear it way down here.

                         He wasn't happy about it, Teresa.

                         Yeah.  OK.  But the screaming.  Why
                         was he screaming?

                         He was in pain.  You know you are
                         in check.

                         Well, he should be in pain.  I hope
                         it hurt.  Jeeeesh, was he really in
                         so much pain?  I did not know he
                         even cared.

                         You need to focus on the board,

               Teresa looks down, and then up again at Nicky.

                         Did he say anything?



                         He said "what the fuck."

                         Why would he say that?

                         Teresa, what kind of ditz are you?
                         He was surprised.  Wouldn't you be?

                         Look Nicky, if I was screwing
                         around with another man, I would
                         not be surprised if my finance
                         broke up with me.  The fact that he
                         was surprised means he's an
                         arrogant asshole.  I am glad he was
                         in pain.  I hope he is still

               Nicky reaches for Teresa's king and moves it.

                         You only have one move, so I just
                         did it.

                         Was he crying when you left him?

                         Of course not.

                         Bastard.  What a bastard.  I
                         bet...I bet he was crying inside.
                         Inside.  Yep.  He just didn't want
                         to show it.  Typical of men.

                         Oh, he was crying.

                         He was?

                         Like a baby.  They get that way
                         when they know it is over.

                         Oh...oh, maybe I did the wrong
                         thing.  Maybe he is
                         know, that affair he had, it really
                         was nothing.  The girl
                         meant nothing to him, I am sure.
                         You think it meant anything to him?

                         I wouldn't know, Teresa.  But I
                         never cared for Bob.

                         You never cared...why not?  Bob is
                         a great guy.

                         This is really no time to get

                         We were about to pick a wedding
                         date, you know.

               Nicky moves one of her pieces on the chess board.

                         You're in check again.

                         I'm going to tell him that I
                         forgive him and everything is OK.

               Teresa starts to get up.  Nicky stops her by a gesture or by
               the sound of her voice.

                         Where are you going?

                         I'm going to talk to Bob.

                         OK, so you are either joking or you
                         have a loose screw.  Bob is dead.

                         Nicky, you are so fast to dismiss
                         people.  Bob and I are in love.
                         We went through a tiny little rough

                         You told me to get rid of him.
                         Your exact words were to "whack the

                         And apparently you did with all
                         that screaming.  Bob is hurting
                         right now.  I see that.

               Nicky reaches into her jacket and pulls out a hammer (which
               has a bloody head) and a knife (which is also bloody).  Nicky
               places these items on either side of the chess board.  Teresa
               goes wide eyed.

                         I whacked him, Teresa.  So Bob is
                         no longer hurting.  And you cannot
                         talk with Bob because he won't
                         respond.  So I suggest you move on
                         with your life.

                killed him?

                         Oh, so are you telling me I
                         misunderstood you?

               Teresa is overwhelmed, feels sick.  She then vomits all over
               the chessboard.  She does this below the frame of the CAMERA.

                                   NICKY (CONT'D)
                         Oh shit.

               Teresa's head rises up.  She is wiping her mouth with her
               sleeve or possibly her shirt.

                                   NICKY (CONT'D)
                         Great job.

                         I hate chess.  I think you should
                         clean it up.

                         You think, huh?

                         You caused this.

                         So are we OK, now?

                         Nicky, you time try not
                         to be so dramatic.

                         Sticks and stones break bones.
                         It's the only way to get the point
                         across. I'll clean up.

               Nicky gets up.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.