Tuesday, January 2, 2018


            INT.  EVA

            Fade in on the ceiling.  Moving into frame is Eva, who's
            face rises from one side of the lens.  As she rises, she
            pulls up one strap of her night top.  She looks down at the
            lens, into the eyes of the man she straddles.  The camera's
            POV is that of the man.  Eva looks down at a point between
            her legs, then back up at the man.  A moment passes.

                      You want me to try again?

            There is no answer.  There is no response.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      It doesn't mean anything.  (beat)  It
                      is not important.

            There is no answer.  There is no response.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      What is important is love, and mine
                      grows stronger for you with each day.

            There is no answer.  There is no response.  Eva again looks
            down at a point between her legs.  She is lost in thought.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      I watch you with people.  I see how you
                      watch them.  How you speak only when
                      you have something to say.  Others,
                      they talk and talk and all they talk is
                      nonsense.  I can see you analyzing
                      them, dissecting them...dissecting
                      their words, what they mean, whether
                      they're lying.

            There is no answer.  There is no response.  Eva pauses a

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      I could tell you were annoyed at Martin
                      the other day.  I don't like him.  He's
                      a sycophant.

            Eva watches the man's reaction to her remark.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      But I know you know that.  I also know
                      you don't like Hermann anymore.  I can
                      tell.  You keep your distance from that
                      fat slob...you cock your head and look
                      at him sideways.  These things I see.

            Eva again looks down at he man, examining him.  A moment

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      The people should see you now.

            We know that the man reacts to this remark by Eva's
            reaction.  She quickly glances down between her legs, and
            is embarrassed by her remark.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      I don't mean like this in bed...with
                      me.  I mean when you are gentle.  The
                      people don't know how gentle you are.
                      That is a failing of Josef.  He must
                      tell the people, he must show your
                      compassion...I...don't like the way
                      Josef's wife looks at you.  I think she
                      wants to make love to you...I think she
                      wants to have your children...You know,
                      she thinks she's better than me.  She
                      does not treat me well...and her little
                      brats...our children would be so
                      beautiful...so perfect...so...

            Eva realizes she has touched on a senstive topic.  She
            again glances between her legs.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      Maybe there is a reason...God has a
                      plan...he does not want you to focus on
                      animal instincts.  He wants you to keep
                      your focus on the people...on the
                      future...on leading us into the future.
                      Maybe that's why...there's talk about
                      how...how you became this way.  They
                      say when you were young a friend made
                      you a dare that you wouldn't stick
                      your...into the mouth of a goat...and
                      that...well that the goat took a bite
                      out of you...and that's why...

            There is no answer.  There is no response.  The man reacts.
            Eva examines him with concern.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      You're crying.  See how gentle a man
                      you are.  See how sensitive.  Only once
                      before have I seen you cry.  At that
                      speech last year in Munich...don't cry.
                      It is better this way.  Now you are not
                      distracted by petty human impulses.
                      That goat did the people a favor.
                      Maybe that goat was an angel, and this
                      was your covenant with God to do his
                      work on earth.

            Eva leans down, here eyes just inches from the lens.  Eva
            kisses the man.  She raises her head and looks into the
            man's eyes and whispers.

                                EVA (cont'd)
                      I love you.  You are not half a
                      man...you are more than a man...more
                      than any other man.  And it is our
                      secret that God and you have a

            Eva smiles and leans down, hugging the man.  We see the

                                                          FADE TO BLACK.

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