Monday, January 1, 2018

Big Yes Small No


               STUART is sitting forward in a chair.  The CAMERA is close to
               him, framing him in a medium shot, but wide enough that we
               see DENISE behind him out of focus.  Denise is getting
               dressed.  As the characters talk back and forth, the CAMERA
               focus pulls between the two.  A moment passes.  Stuart
               appears distressed.

                         I'm sorry.

                         Fuck you, you're sorry.

                         I didn't intend...

                         You didn't mean when I
                         said stop, when I screamed that you
                         were hurting certainly
                         seemed like you intended

                         Did I hurt you?  I mean did I hurt
                         you bad?

                         Is there a difference?

                         There's always a little violence in

                         Always a little...What kind of
                         Neanderthal are you., Stuart?

                         You know I love you.  I have always
                         loved you, Denise.

                         Stop it, Stuart.  Stop right there.
                         I am not going to listen to this
                         bullshit.  Not after you nearly
                         broke my arm.

                         I know, I know.  I have to not get
                         so excited.  I get it.  I
                         have...control issues.

                         Where is my bag?  My backpack?
                         Where is it?

                         There is something about you,
                         Denise that I just have to...(he
                         tenses up, controlling some inner
                         rage)...I just have to consume you.
                         You have to consume that which you
                         love.  To merge with her.  Become

                         Stuart, where is my bag?  My
                         wallet, my car keys, everything is
                         in my bag.

                         You know, that's what I mean.  We
                         are talking about something very
                         important, and you change the
                         subject.  I am not sure you are
                         hearing me.  I am trying to tell
                         you how much's cherish.
                         That is the word.  I cherish you,

                         Well, I cherish my wallet and my

                         OK.  OK.  I will repeat myself.  I
                         cherish you.  You.  Everything
                         about you.  Your skin, your hair,
                         your fingers, the lips, the
                         eyeballs, your calves.  The back of
                         your knees.  Every little...every
                         little part of your body I just
                         want hold, to hug it, hold
                         it tight in my I said,
                         consume.  That is what we are
                         talking about.  Consuming each
                         other in ways that...

                         Excuse me, but we are not talking
                         about consuming each other.  You
                         are talking about consuming me.
                         And I don't much care for the
                         metaphor, OK.  It is getting
                         fucking creepy.  Where is my stuff,
                         goddamn it?

                         This is how I can summarize the
                         problem we have.  You are always
                         with the big no and the small yes. 
                         It is no to everything.  You
                         whisper your yeses and scream your
                         nos.  But me...I am a big yes
                         person.  A big yes.  I want
                         everything.  Yes to everything.
                         And I rarely say no.

               Denise walks up to Stuart, turns and kneals, with her back to
               the camera.  She faces Stuart.

                         You should hear yourself.  You are
                         talking nonsense.

               Stuart is getting agitated and is struggling to control

                         You know what I am doing right now.
                         I am saying no to what I want to
                         do.  And I hate it.  I fucking hate
                         myself for it.

                         Well, you shouldn't say no to
                         yourself.  Because you know what
                         you are trying to do.  You are
                         trying to calm down, and you are
                         trying to acquire a little
                         compassion.  And you are trying to
                         tell me what you did with my stuff.
                         Don't say no to that Stuart.

               A moment passes.  Then Stuart reaches out and hits Denise so
               hard in the face that she falls back unconscious, but out of

                         I am exhausted saying no to myself.

                                                               THE END.

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