Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Five Minutes

            INT.  DEATH ROW CELL

            Lizzie stares into the camera in a very close shot.

                      In three hours I'm going in.  After I'm
                      in, they tell me it's five minutes to
                      strap me in, and then I'm given another
                      five to say a few words.  Five minutes
                      to say a few words.  I won't need it.
                      There's nothing I would have to say to
                      them that would take five minutes.
                      It's like what am I going to say.  I'm
                      sorry.  Please forgive me.  He was
                      mine.  Not theirs.  Not anybody's but
                      mine.  I asked for help.  But no one...
                      no one lifted a finger for my son.  No
                      one.  Of course I'm sorry.  But I'm not
                      going to say it to them strapped in a
                      chair with a pail of acid beneath me
                      and two... they tell me two cyanide
                      tablets dangling above the pail.  So I
                      say it through this little hole in the
                      wall, my little hole.  My little
                      peephole into heaven.  I'll close my
                      eyes and look through this hole as I
                      hear those tablets drop into the pail,
                      and I will take a deep breath and see
                      the light and I will smile.  I will
                      smile.  See you soon.  See you soon
                      Jimmy.  I'll be with you soon.

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