Monday, January 1, 2018


               INT.  RESTAURANT  DAY

               AMY sits at a table.  She sips tea and checks her watch or
               cell phone.  A few beats.  DANI arrives.

                         I'm late.  I know.  Sorry.

                         You're always late.

                         It's my thing, isn't it.  But oh my
                         god, it's been what, six months?

                         Yes.  You look great.  How was

                         Very very clean.  Too clean.  I
                         preferred Hong Kong.  Hong Kong was
                         busy and messy and brilliant.  But
                         the best was Peru.

                         Peru?  You went from Asia to Peru?
                         You must be exhausted from the air

                         Peru is like this mystical place
                         with mountains covered in carpets
                         of green and misty clouds hanging
                         low enough that you can touch them.

                         The furthest I've been from New
                         York is the Jersey shore.

                         The best thing about Peru tough is
                         the men.

                         The men?  I thought you were
                         traveling with Darren.

                         I was.  But thank god he went home
                         before I got to Peru.

                         Geeez.  I thought you wewre in love
                         with Darren.

                         I didn't know what love was until I
                         met Paco.


                         Peruvian.  Paco is a Peruvian man.
                         Doesn't that just sound loaded with

                         I guess.

                         Paco's face.. His face was like
                         carved by god.  And his body, oh my
                         god, I cannot even tell you.  Every
                         square inch was perfection.

                         Do you have a photo?

                         Absolutely not.  Paco would not let
                         me take his photo.  He insisted
                         that I remember him by experiencing
                         him, not by a photo.


                         And boy did I experience him.  We
                         made love under a thousand stars
                         and every night the moon looked
                         different, one night it was blue,
                         another yellow, another red.  And
                         then in the afterglow where we were
                         exhausted with pleasure, he would
                         tell me a poem.

                         A poem.

                         Paco is a poet.  And he would say
                         these really pithy beautiful
                         things, and I would fall all over
                         him and then, and then guess what


                         We made love again.  It was

                         Do you recall I gave you a book of
                         poems and you made fun of me,
                         saying you'd never read it.

                         Amy, I am still not into reading
                         poems.  But having Paco whisper
                         them in my ear, that is a whole
                         different universe.

                         I have some big news too.

                         Wait, I haven't finished.  Being
                         with Paco has changed my life.  I
                         have had a sexual revelation.

                         It sounds religious.

                         Jesus Christ cannot come close to

                         Well, let me tell you my big

                         Wait.  I'm not finished.  To be
                         perfectly honest, I am sure the
                         poems Paco whispered to me were
                         crappy, but that is not the point.
                         It was the physical connection, the
                         way we communicated with our
                         bodies.  I learned that words mean
                         It is how our physical selves with
                         each other that really matter.
                         Bottom line, words are just fake
                         news.  The body is where the truth
                         of the universe resides.

                         I assume Paco remains in Peru.

                         Yes, that is a nice thought, but
                         you know how it is, no one can get
                         a visa today.  So no, Paco is
                         probably history.  But that's OK
                         because Paco is wrapped around my
                         heart and now I know.

                         You know what?

                         That all those men I had sex with
                         here in New York, from Darren and
                         James and Marcus and Aidan and
                         Jeremy and god knows who else...
                         those men, well, they are not even
                         men.  Not really.  I mean if you
                         put my life on a graph, it would
                         show a dinky little line in the pre
                         Paco years, and then a big bold
                         line that goes straight up in the
                         post-Paco years.


                         Excuse me?

                         You mentioned Aidan.

                         Did I?

                         So you only know one Aidan.  Yes?


                         Just tell me, Dani, did you mean to
                         imply, when you so glibly listed
                         your many sexual encounters, that
                         you and Aidan, the only Aidan you
                         and I know, that you and Aidan made

                         Well you see, no.  It was not
                         making love.  This is what I
                         learned in Peru.  This is what Paco
                         taught me.  Aidan was pre-Paco.


                         Look, I understand how you might be
                         a tad upset by this.

                         A tad?  Aidan was the news, by the
                         way.  The big news I wanted to tell
                         you.  We are getting married.


                         Yes, and now I have to hear this.
                         I have to hear that my very close
                         friend has...

               Amy is getting emotional and cannot finish her sentence.

                         Listen to me Amy... Aidan and I did
                         not make love.  OK.  There was no
                         love manufactured during our
                         interaction.  As Paco would say,
                         Aidan and I just used our bodies as
                         tools, not as a language.


                         We had sex, for sure, but we did
                         not use our bodies to communicate
                         with each other.


                         There was no poetry in our sex,
                         therefore there was no making of

                             (very loud)

               Dani freezes.  Amy is sitting on rage.  After several

                                   AMY (CONT'D)
                         No amount of poetry, spoken or not,
                         can justify betrayal.

               Amy rises.  She grabs her bag.

                                   AMY (CONT'D)
                         Goodbye... Dani.

               Ami walks away.  Dani sits, motionless, staring off into

                                                          CUT TO BLACK.

                                                               THE END.

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