Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dinner With Mom

               INT.  KITCHEN

               ABIGAIL sits at a kitchen table.  She is fingering a tea cup.
               There is a tea pot on the table with sugar and a small
               creamer.  Sitting opposite Abigail is JENNIFER.  Jennifer is
               also fingering a tea cup, but it is empty.

                         I am not looking forward to this.

                         Today is different.

                         It's never different, Abigail.

                         Mom has changed.

                         Oh yeah.  Is she miserable 80% of
                         the time rather than 100%?

                         You have a bad attitude.

               Jennifer ignores Abigail's

                         We going to the same restaurant?

                         We're eating in.

                         Oh god.  You're kidding me.  I
                         can't deal with that.

                         I promise you...it will be fine.

                         You know I can't stand to be here.
                         I do it... I do this once in a
                         fucking year dinner thing because
                         of Dad.

                         You know she killed him.


                         Mom.  She killed Dad.

                         Yeah, yeah, yeah.  She kills
                         everyone who lives with her.  I
                         don't get how you are still sane.

                         I take care of myself.

                         I miss Dad.


                         The only thing he ever did that was
                         fucked was making us promise to
                         take Mom out on her birthday.

                         People do things when they are

                         What the fuck is taking her so

                         She's lying down.

                         What?  I thought she was getting

                         I didn't say that.

               Jennifer looks at her cell phone (or watch).

                         It's almost 6 pm.  I thought we
                         have reservations?

                         I said we are eating in.

                         OK, this is fucked.  I am not
                         eating here.  We have reservations.
                         At the same restaurant that we have
                         been doing this for six years.  We
                         should leave.  Where's mom?

                         Don't get upset.

                         I am upset.  Whenever we do this I
                         get upset.  Can you go get her?

                         You have to be proactive, Jennifer.
                         You merely accept the life that was
                         handed you.

                         Oh, please.  Give me a break.  Like
                         you don't.

                         If you could change the thing that
                         causes so much pain, then why
                         wouldn't you?

                         I did.  I moved out of the house.

                         You can't just walk away from your
                         mother and think she will
                         disappear.  She is still there
                         every day, torturing you, pounding
                         away at everything you do.  You
                         don't have to be in the same room
                         with mom for her to cause pain,
                         Jennifer.  She inhabits every
                         moment of the day.  Even when I am
                         sleeping, she is abusing and
                         causing agony.  24-7 torture.

                         Jesus, Abigail, let's send her to a
                         home, or something.

                         A home?  You think if she was
                         locked up in a home we would be
                         free?  Free from her.  No.  No.
                         That is why you must take the
                         matter in your own hands and
                         terminate the problem.  You
                         terminate the problem, Jennifer.

                         Yeah.  And how the fuck do you do
                         that other than kill the woman.

               Abigail does not say anything.  She takes a sip of tea.
               There is an awkward pause.

                                   JENNIFER (CONT'D)
                         OK.  OK.  That's insane.  But just
                         for yuck yucks, how would you go
                         about it?  Killing her that is.  I
                         mean we would have to do it without
                         getting in trouble.


                         Potassium?  Like in bananas?  You
                         mean stuff her mouth with bananas?
                         That's funny.  There has to be a
                         better way.

                         You inject her with potassium.
                         Death instantly.

                         You've been watching too many cop

                         The weight...the enormous weight
                         removed from my life to watch her
                         stare at me in fear...and
                         hate...then her face freezes when
                         the potassium hits her nervous
                         system.  Her head shakes,
                         tremors...and I could see the
                         thought pass through her mind...she
                         wanted to kill me.  But I beat her
                         to it.

               Jennifer pushes her chair back.  A long moment passes.

                         Where is she?

                         On her bed.

               Jennifer gets up and leaves for the bedroom.  Abigail takes
               another sip of tea.

                                                               THE END.

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