Sunday, January 7, 2018

God Bless America

               INT.  FRAN'S LIVING ROOM

               Fran sits in a chair.  Roxy sits on a couch.  On a coffee
               table sits a handgun and a pad of paper.  A moment passes.

                         You know, I am in awe.

                         Uh huh.

                         About what you did.


                         Killing that bitch.  With a gun, in
                         broad daylight.  How did you get
                         the courage?

                         Yeah, I have lots of that.

                         Is that the gun you used?

               Roxy picks the gun up.

                         Careful with that.

                         It's heavy.

               Roxy puts the gun down and picks up the pad of paper.  She
               reads it out loud.

                                   ROXY (CONT'D)
                         Dear Eva,.....(reads note)...this
                         is a suicide note?


                         Your suicide note?

                         That would be accurate only after I
                         commit suicide, now wouldn't it.

                         You can't do that.  You can't do
                         that.  OK, this is really bad.  No.
                         Please.  That would just ruin
                         everything.  You are everything I
                         want to be.  Oh my god, oh my god.

               Roxy is getting very upset.  Almost frantic - in tears.  Fran
               picks up the gun and points it at her1 own head.

                                   ROXY (CONT'D)
                         Oh fuck...this is the greatest
                         thing that has happened around
                         here...what am I going to do.  You
                         can't take away what you started.
                         It is too brilliant.

                         I will kill myself if you don't
                         fucking shut up.

                         Yes.  Yes.  OK.  OK.

               Roxy does the zipper across the mouth gesture.  Then there is
               awkward silence.  Fran lowers the handgun.

                                   ROXY (CONT'D)
                did you kill her because
                         you couldn't have her?

                         I didn't kill her because I
                         couldn't have her.  I killed her
                         because she wasn't nice.

                         Yes.  Of course.  She was a cunt.
                         But there are so many other cunts
                         ...and pricks...lots of pricks out
                         there.  You can't commit suicide

               Fran throws her a look.

                                   ROXY (CONT'D)
                         I mean never  You should never
                         commit suicide.  It's not for you.
                         Use the gun to kill some one else.

                         Like who?

                         Oh god, there's so many...Nascar
                         fans.  I hate Nascar fans with the
                         beer bellies and big hair
                         girlfriends.  A companion to that
                         is country music.  I hate country
                         music fans.  I loathe people who
                         dress their babies in band t
                         shirts.  And...and...Taylor Swift.
                         I dislike Taylor Swift.

                         I like Taylor Swift.

                         Yes.  Yes.  I like Taylor Swift
                         too.  Her new's catchy.

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