Monday, January 1, 2018


               INT.  LIVING ROOM

               JASON sits on a couch.  KAYLA stands facing Jason.  There is
               a rather long moment of silence.  When Kayla starts talking,
               Jason attempts, weakly, to get a word in.

                         Is there something I didn't do?  Is
                         my hair not right?  Do I need to
                         lose weight?  Work out?  Do I suck
                         in bed, Jason?  Is that it?  I
                         don't satisfy you?

                         No.  No.  You are great.

                         Is she great too?

               Jason does not respond.

                                   KAYLA (CONT'D)
                         Is that what you tell her?

                         It was a mistake.

                         Mistake.  How long again did this
                         mistake go on?  Six months.  And
                         how many fucking times did we make
                         a mistake during those six months?

                         It's over.

                         Does she know that?  Have you told
                         her that IT is over, or did you
                         just make that decision now because
                         I caught you?

                         You get started in something, you
                         know you shouldn't start, but you
                         do it, thinking that you'll stop
                         tomorrow.  But you keep...putting
                         it off.  You know about that, don't
                         you Kayla.

                         Oh, you are making an analogy now?
                         Is that what you are doing.
                         Trying to compare my drinking with
                         you fucking another woman?

                         Yeah.  That's what I'm doing.

                         Is that what this is about?  My
                         drinking?  That is bullshit.  I am
                         not a drunk, Jason.  I am not
                         dysfunctional.  I have a job.  I
                         make more money than you.  I am
                         responsible.  I (rising volume)
                         socially drink.

                         You fuck a bottle, I fucked a
                         woman.  We both have a problem.  We
                         can move on and fix it.

                         No.  No.  You are not going to make
                         this about that.  My drinking is
                         not a violation of our
                         relationship.  This is about trust,

                         Yes, Kayla.  Trust.  Like when you
                         said you'd give up drinking.

                         What's her name?

                         That's not important.

                         Do I know her?

                         No.  Not really.

                         What you mean, not really?  I
                         either know her or I don't.

                         It's Jennifer.

                         Jennifer.  My Jennifer, my
                         secretary?  You are fucking my

                         It's too complicated to explain how
                         it happened.

                         My secretary is fucking my husband.
                         Holy fucking shit.

                         Please don't take it out on her.
                         This is all my fault.

                         I just can't...she knows every
                         personal detail about me.
                         Secretaries do that.  And now she
                         knows you...every detail about you.
                         How you look with your clothes off,
                         how you lie in bed, how you make
                         love.  Have you cooked for her?

               Jason does not answer.

                                   KAYLA (CONT'D)
                         You've made her dinner, haven't
                         you.  You and Jennifer like a
                         married couple.

                         Trust me, it is nothing like

                         Oh, no, of course, it's better.
                         Isn't it?  You don't have all the
                         messy stuff like living with
                         someone day to day.

                         And none of the mood swings.  None
                         of the passing out on the floor
                         from drinking a magnum of white
                         wine.  Or falling asleep drunk at
                         the Thanksgiving table with my

                         I am a person, Jason, a fully
                         formed human being with all the
                         problems that come with being that.
                         And you made a vow
                         to live with all my shit, through
                         sickness and health.  You made a
                         fucking vow.

               Jason does not say anything.  Kayla is doing all she can to
               not cry.  A moment of awkwardness, and then Kayla leaves.  We
               are left with Jason on the couch.

                                                               THE END.

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