Sunday, December 31, 2017

It's Just So Red


               There is a showing of new work.  NATALIE is looking at a
               painting on the wall.  The CAMERA"S POV is the painting.

               BONNIE walks up holding a glass of champagne.  She too looks
               at the painting at the wall.

                         What do you think?

                         It's just so...

                         Red.  A marvelous red.  It's so
                         consuming.  But this champagne is
                         uninspiring.  Typical Chelsea arty

               Bonnie walks away.  HARRY comes up behind her.   Natalie is
               startled.  They both hold glasses of champagne.

                             (art gallery whisper)
                         What the fuck are you doing here?

                         I am an aficionado of art.

                         Like hell..

                         What do you think of this?

                         I am not discussing art with you.

                         It kinda reminds me of that piece
                         at the MOMA.

                         I'd appreciate it if you would

                         This is all red.  The one at MOMA
                         was all blue.

                         Neither of them are all one color.

                         Well, I am standing here, and what
                         am I looking at... a red canvas.
                         Just red.  I mean really, Natalie,
                         the artist bought one tube of paint
                         and sloshed it on.

                         You are so ignorant.  Don't you see
                         the different brush strokes.  How
                         he twists and swirls his brush,
                         applying the red so that it creates
                         a tactile surface.  It makes you
                         want to touch it, not just look at

                         You are turning me on.

                         Shut up.  And Mr. Klein's piece at
                         MOMA, the 1961 Blue Monochrome, has
                         a similar canvas landscape.  It is
                         iconic.  Revolutionary to the
                         contemporary art world. His "open
                         window to freedom". The
                         psychological essence of his blue

                         I have to say, I miss all your
                         bullshit about art.

                         Yeah, if you missed me so fucking
                         much, why did you dump me?

                         I didn't dump you, Natalie.  It was
                         a departure.


                         A temporary departure.

                         What are you talking about,

                         Nothing's in life is permanent.

                         What are you doing here, Harry?

                         I often come to art openings.
                         Thursday night openings.

                         You come for the free champagne.

                         That too.

                         I had to drag you to galleries.

                         Right well...Let's just say I've
                         come to appreciate it.

                         Don't make me laugh.

                         Actually, Natalie, it's true.

                         There you go, trying to break me
                         down.  Well you are not going to do
                         it this time.  I have erected a
                         concrete wall around myself.

               Natalie chugs her Champagne.

                         Since when did you start drinking?

                         Since you told me I was boring and
                         too uptight.

                         I did not say that.

                         You meant it.

                         You were in a relationship with
                         your career. Not me.

                         Here we go again.  I'm sorry if I'm
                         serious about a career.

                         It's because you're afraid.

                         Excuse me.

                         Your whole life is analyzing the
                         possible risks and knowing every
                         foreseeable outcome-and that's your

                         I have a real job, Harry.  I have
                         to plan ahead.  I don't have the
                         luxury of an actor's life where you
                         don't have to plan a fucking thing.

               A waiter walks by with a tray and Natalie place her empty
               champagne glass on the tray.

                         This has nothing to do with
                         careers.  It's who you are and how
                         you decide to live your life.  You
                         don't know how to take risks.
                         Christ Natalie, you're afraid of

                         Screw you, Harry.

               Natalie realizes she is making a scene.

                         You wouldn't go biking in a Central
                         Park with me because you were
                         scared of getting trampled by a
                         horse. You wouldn't go hiking
                         because you were afraid of bobcats.
                         You never even went on the freaking
                         ferris wheel with me at Coney
                         Island- and that's suppose to be a
                         romantic couple thing.

                         Those are perfectly reasonable
                         things to be afraid of.

                         You planned my birthday and didn't

                         You are just never going to forget
                         that, are you?  I don't like
                         parties. And I had a work deadline.

                         You know life's not only about

                         Oh my god, would you please leave
                         before I really get angry.

                         It's about letting go and
                         actually having experiences, even
                         if that means taking risks-
                         breaking the rules sometimes!

                         I break rules all the time.  I just
                         do it discreetly, Harry.

               A waiter walks up with a tray with little canapés.  He stands
               there offering food to Natalie and Harry.

                         That's the problem you are discreet
                         about everything, you are just so
                         Ms. Proper.

                         Proper.  You think I'm proper?
                         Which means you think I'm a bore.
                         You know what... you know what....

               Natalie grabs the tray from the waiter and throws it at the
               CAMERA - which means she throws it at the painting they were

               Everyone freezes.  Natalie realizes that she did something

                         Well, it now has a little more
                         color than red.  It's actually more

                         Oh my god.

                         I guess this is not the best moment
                         for me to tell you I love you.

               Natalie likes what she heard, but it is all wrapped up in
               what she just did.  She does not know what to do.  Harry
               moves to her and places his arm around her.

                                                          CUT TO BLACK.

                                                               THE END.

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