Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jews Harness Hydrogen Energy 100 Years From Now

The year was 5866. That was the Hebrew year. It was also known as 2106. The place was a city. They called it New Israel. Some called it New Jerusalem. Many who did not live there called it Jew Town or Jew City or Kike Hell. The city was encircled by a twelve-foot high cinderblock wall that was thick enough to support a two-lane road on top. The land was flat in this part of Nevada. Flat and dusty. Water was brought in by underground tunnels that fed off the upper Colorado. The second and third tunnels were dug without the knowledge of the Great North American Government. These tunnels were not only conduits for water but also permitted the clandestine inflow and outflow of people and goods. Vehicles operating on hydrogen, which the scientists of New Israel had perfected in 5798 and gave the city unlimited and cheap power, drove up and down the 153-mile Tunnel Two and the more ambitious 400-mile Tunnel Three which was still being worked on. Tunnel One was just for water, built by the Great and Grand Christian-Islamic Settlement Treaty that organized essentially four nation states, two Christian and two Islamic. The Treaty achieved unanimity by permitting the relocation of Jews rather than the extermination of Jews. And part of this compromise required the building of Tunnel One, the water tunnel. Tunnel Two was built by the Jews. And Tunnel Three was financed secretly by the Vatican, which did not sign the Great and Grand Christian and Islamic Settlement Treaty. Indeed, the Vatican was under constant siege in Italy for having eschewed what many considered to be a diplomatic peace initiative that essentially ended random world-wide terrorist activities.

The Treaty terminated the State of Israel and relocated millions of Jews to the Nevada desert under land that the Vatican had purchased at great expense. The salvation of the Jews was considered by Pope Simon Paul to be a religious mission, and it was the primary reason why the Vatican was not a signatory to the Great and Grand Treaty. This was not necessarily a popular position within the worldwide Roman Catholic hierarchy, but was official policy and had cost the Church nearly two trillion North American dollars over two decades to relocate five million Jews to the Nevada desert and to build the New Israel infrastructure. But this was starting to payoff because of the hydrogen technologies that New Israel had developed. It was called "Jew Energy" by the Grand Mullahs of the Islamic world, where oil was worshiped as a gift from Allah. The Vatican's lights and vehicles were all now operating with this Jewish energy.

Much of the Asian lands had nothing to do with the Great and Grand Christian and Islamic Settlement Treaty. Indeed, Asia, including China and Japan as well as the greater part of southern India, were red-hot capitalist nation states that imposed no religion on their peoples. The Great and Grand Christian and Islamic Settlement Treaty reigned over four billion people, the rest of the world's population being under the capitalist freedoms of the Asian world.

But Asia continued to suffer under the oil addiction. Asia paid dearly for oil as it was not a signatory to the Great and Grand Treaty. But Asia had hope. And that hope was this new Jewish energy that people kept talking about. Hope was glimmering in the Nevada desert. The Jews of New Israel developed their hydrogen technologies not to make a profit but out of necessity. They were stripped of nation, wealth, and power, and given, or more accurately leased, a parched corner of hellish Nevada. They had no choice.

The Mullahs complained about Vatican-Jewish conspiracies. The Christian Nations that had signed the Great and Grand Treaty, which were drinking cheap oil for years, felt no burning desire to harness an alternative source of energy, and so assisted the Mullahs in attempting to determine the extent of this Jewish energy. The Vatican funneled resources to New Israel to protect the hydrogen secrets. And there were reports that the walled city was occasionally under siege by spies and intruders, attempting to enter New Israel.

In the year 2006, Hebrew 5766, there were about 18 million Jews in the world. Now, in 2106, Hebrew 5866, the Prime Minister of New Israel estimated that there were about six million Jews in the city of New Israel and another ten million "hidden" Jews scattered around the earth, Jews that practiced their religious life in secret. There was a Jewish community in China, but China did not acknowledge its existence for fear that the price of oil would go even higher.

And you thought that the year 2006 was a mess. It only gets worse.

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