Monday, July 4, 2005

A Letter From Osama Bin Laden

My name is Osama bin Laden.  You have heard of much of me in recent months, and your President and your news media has successfully demonized me in your eyes.  I am hear to tell you that I am no demon, and that I am not the “evildoer” that you so wish to believe.  First, let me clear up a few simple facts.  I am most definitely responsible for financing, planning and approving the airplane attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  September 11th, 2001 changed the United States and the World, and this is something in which I feel great pride.  Yes, I know many people died.  You call them innocents.  I make no such distinctions.  Humans are humans, whether they spread the cultural hegemony of the West with a rifle on their shoulder or a can of Coca Cola in their hand, they are all game in my quest to rid the world of them.  Indeed, I believe the can of Coca Cola is more dangerous than the gun.  You call me evil.  I do not recognize myself as evil.  And if evil has no such self-recognition, can such a person truly be evil?  I believe to the fleshy core of my soul that I am doing good, that I spread the works of God and will contribute to making this great earth of ours a planet where Islam can flourish and give people the peace, strength, self-joy and contentment that it has me and many other millions.  Islam is a great and grand religion, but there are many who claim that Islam can be and should “modernized.”  I do not believe in this thing called modernization.  Modernization and pluralism is a corruption of the Koran and the Islamic life.  I have no goal to rid the earth of non-Islamics.  I can live on this planet with people who do not follow the Islamic life.  But these people must remain on their own land.  The earth is split between holy Islamic land and non-Islamic land.  Islam is pure and for a man and his women to achieve the purity of Islam in their lives, they must not be poisoned by the false notion of pluralism and materialism and all the Western ideas that have become a cancer on much of the earth.  I am currently under siege.  I am on the move.  My body will probably die soon, but my soul will go immediately to heaven where I will be rewarded for the deeds I have done.  You can kill me….you can kill my infra-structure and my organization, but this means nothing.  There are thousands upon thousands of Islamics schools around the globe that teach pure Isalm, teaching that to rid all lands of impure-Islamics and Westerners is a duty that they must all oblige themselves.  It is their life work.  You cannot fight this.  America is proud of its freedom of religion.  Well, it are those freedoms that permit us to raise a generation of pure-Islamics.  You cannot stop this.  You will fail, in the end.  Killing me will gratify you, and you will again grow lazy and again you will bend to the will of those who insist upon civil rights and constitutional freedoms.  A little quiet gives us more time for more teaching.  And you will even dismiss this missive that I write as some kind of last desperate plea by a man who mad or evil or desperate.  Little do you know that I am very content, very happy.  I have started something.  I have changed the world.  I am the first domino that has fallen.  Pure Islam will survive, it will prosper, it will spread, and there is nothing you can do about it.  God is great, and he is with us.  The Koran says so.  That is all I need.  Enjoy your televisions and sports utility vehicles and cheap gasoline and large homes and backyards and children’s toys while you can…it is a false joy, an empty joy.  I have little or nothing.  Sure you say I am aq multi-millionaire.  In truth, I have access to much wealth…but I use that wealth to do the work of Islam, not to fatten my closet with stuff.  You are into stuff.  I am into God’s work.  I think that sums it up.  I think that indicates who will win in the end.  I pity you as you laugh at my death.  But do I feel sorry for you?  No.  We kill a cancer.  We do not show it sympathy.  Good bye, and from on high, I shall look down on all of you in hell.

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