Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Shebaa Farmers Just Want To Farm

The Syrians claim the Shebaa Farms,
The Lebanese claim the Shebaa Farms,
The Shia claim the Shebaa Farms,
The Sunni claim the Shebaa Farms,
No one can agree,
Except for that Israel occupies the Shebaa Farms,
Everyone agrees,
That Israel occupies the Shebaa Farms.
The French drew the lines,
Back in the 1920s,
The French drew the lines,
Between Lebanon and Syria,
The French drew the lines,
Giving Syria the Shebaa farms,
An area ten miles long and one mile wide,
With fourteen farms,
Farmers who consider themselves Lebanese,
Not Syrian.
The French were sloppy,
Drawing lines with fat pencils,
On inaccurate crinkled maps,
Not caring where the lines went,
Through houses, and back lots, and towns,
The French drew the lines,
Like drunken truckers,
Playing a board game,
On the hoods of hot cars.
The French were told,
That the farmers in Shebaa,
Thought to be on the other side,
Of the line,
On the other side of the line,
On the Lebanon side,
But France was on to,
Other things,
So the lines stayed,
The Syrians attacked Israel,
Israel attacked back,
And took the Golan Heights,
Which included the Shebaa Farms,
Which was populated by people,
Who consider themselves Lebanese,
Who do not feel Syrian,
Though the French drew the lines,
Placing them in Syria,
In the Golan Heights,
Which Israel took,
In the war with Syria.
Hezbollah wants the Shebaa Farms,
Returned to the Lebanese,
Though the United Nations says the Farms,
Are Syrian,
Because the French drew the lines,
That gave the Shebaa to Syria,
Though the farmers in the Shebaa,
Consider themselves Lebanese,
The farmers on the strip of land,
Which is ten miles long and one mile wide,
Hezbollah wants it back,
And claims Israel is an occupier.
The Syrians want the Golan back,
And Syria says,
The Golan includes the Shebaa Farms,
The fourteen Shebaa farms,
The ten mile long and one mile wide,
Strip of fourteen farms,
A strip of agriculture,
With quiet farms and hills,
Everyone is angry about the Shebaa farms,
Except the Shebaa farmers,
Who just need to farm.
So the Syrians deem Israel to be an occupier,
Of the Golan which includes the Shebaa,
Which is populated by farmers who consider themselves,
Lebanese, which Hezbollah wants back,
For the Lebanese,
Which Hezbollah wants back,
To take it away from Israel.
So Hezbollah attacks Israel,
Often, in fits and spurts,
To try to pry the Shebaa from the Golan,
Before the Golan goes back to Syria,
But Syria wants the Shebaa,
Ten miles long and one mile wide,
Syria wants the fourteen farms,
Which are farmed by farmers who,
Consider themselves Lebanese.
The tiny little Shebaa,
With little tiny farms,
With fourteen farmers,
Trying to farm their farms,
Are toy figures in a game,
Being played by bigger players,
Who do not much care,
What the farmers farm.
The Shebaa farmers farm,
As they have for generations,
And they try to keep their heads down,
Looking at the land,
Under their shoes,
As people send rockets,
Over the Shebaa,
The farmers continue to care,
As others continue to fight.

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