Saturday, November 26, 2005

Move On To A Jewish Connection

The offices of had a commanding view of the East Bay, broken only by a few eucalyptus trees. The Transamerica Pyramid cut through a blanket of low clouds across the Bay. The window was open, and the warm breeze brought the aroma of eucalyptus with it. There were seven flat screen monitors aglow, each manned by what appeared to be college-age kids. The kids were all unpaid interns helping with the cause. The founders of, husband and wife, were sitting at a conference room table behind an interior glass window. Seated opposite them was Michael Moore, the filmmaker.

"Libby is Jewish," said Moore.

The husband looks at his wife.

"Yes?" said the husband, respectfully.

"Connect the dots. I am in the business of connecting dots. This is an obvious one," said Moore.

"I'm sorry," said wife. "How is his being Jewish relevant?"

"Libby claims to be a neo-con. But he isn't really. Neo-cons have an ideology, a fucked-up arrogant one, but an ideology just the same. Libby has no ideology. But he has an agenda, and it is Israel." Moore said this with earnestness.

"How do you know this?" asked husband.

"Connect the dots. Libby is Jewish. He has contributed to various Israeli not-for-profits, he has been a point man for Sharon, he was the one responsible for watering down Bush's objections to the Israeli wall Sharon is building. You getting the picture? Are the dots connecting?"

"Not entirely, Michael," said husband.

"You could argue that the real purpose of the Iraq war has been Israel all along. That just might be the hidden agenda of Bush and Cheney. Forget weapons of mass destruction. Forget oil. It's Israel." Moore was getting excited by his own assertions.

"Forget oil?" said wife incredulously. "You expect me to believe Bush and Cheney are perpetrating the Iraq war without any thought of oil?"

"OK. OK. So it's a stretch. But think of the angle. You have to think of how it will play. I am telling you there is a lot of sentiment out there in the heartland that Israel is the source of all this burning hate among Arabs and Muslims. That there would not have been a September 11th but for Israel. Tap into it. Tap into that sentiment. And watch the money start to flow in. We can link our websites. I am getting a shit load of hits since Bush's ratings have tanked."

"I do not want Moveon to be accused of anti-semitism," said husband.

"Fuck that. You are exposing a truth. An angle on the truth, a possible truth, a potential truth, a near truth, whatever you want to call it. Make it subtle. Leave the balls to me."

Husband and wife look at each other.

"You do whatever you want on your website. We'll keep your link up. And we will see how it develops," wife said.

"Yes, we will see how it develops," said husband.

"One thing bothers me," said Moore. "Jews wouldn't call themselves 'Scooter.' Scooter is a wasp thing. I am going to guess that possibly another truth is that Libby has been co-opted by Bush and his gang of wasps. What do you think?"

Husband and wife look at each other.

"Keep at it, Michael. It is something to pursue," said wife.

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