Friday, May 26, 2006

What Would Springsteen Do, Ask The Dixie Chicks

Martie Maguire tried to think of her children as she listened to Natalie Maines go on and on about Bush. Martie's sister, Emily Robison, held a "Venti" size latte from Starbucks in her right hand as she lazily plucked the low E string with her left forefinger on an acoustic guitar that sat in her lap. Natalie was pacing as the two sisters listened.

"I'm retracting my apology," said Natalie.

"You tell a British audience that you are ashamed of Bush. Then you retract your shame and apologize. Now you are retracting your apology," said Emily.

"You’re flip flopping," said Martie.

"I'm finding my footing, and I am not shy about it," said Natalie.

"Toby Keith is going to crucify you," said Emily as she moved her forefinger to the low A string, plucking slowly.

"Fuck Toby Keith," said Natalie.

"No one listens to country music outside the country demographic, and it ain't easy finding Bush bashers among that audience, Nat," said Martie.

“Hey, we crossed over Martie,” said Emily.

“I don’t believe a country musician can remain crossed over,” said Martie.

"Madonna is now getting away bashing Bush," said Natalie.

"Madonna's audience is different," said Martie.

"Madonna started bashing Bush when his approval rating dropped below 35. She has the timing thing down," said Emily.

"Springsteen would retract," said Natalie.

"Springsteen never would have apologized for saying what he said," said Martie.

"You're not going to keep doing this Nat, are you? Keep asking what would Springsteen do?" asked Emily.

"We are not going on the View. We're declining the invitation. Springsteen would never appear on the View," said Natalie.

"Are you trying to find your footing or Springsteen's footing?" asked Martie.

"This is getting silly. If Nat wants to retract her retraction, then let her. It sounds like that Kenny Rogers song, what condition my condition was in," said Emily, as she then starting singing "I've got to retract what once I did retract to get back to where I was before I did my - did my - help me out here girls," said Emily.

“What retraction my retraction was in,” sang Martie.

“Yeah, I like it,” said Emily.

"Look, I think that we are wasting our energy on the pronouncements and the press releases. Let's just put it into the music like Em says," said Martie.

"Put it into the music," said Emily.

"Yeah, Nat, that's what Springsteen would do," said Martie.

"It's what Madonna does. She changes her lyrics to bash Bush. But it's still in her music," said Emily.

"It's all about the music. Nobody really cares or should care about how we vote or what we think outside of our music," said Martie.

"You girls are a pain in the ass, ganging up on me here," said Natalie.

The A string on the acoustic guitar on Emily's lap broke with a twang. "Whoops," said Emily. Emily placed the guitar on the floor leaning up on the chair she was was sitting on.

"You're going to change that. I am tired of changing your broken strings, Em," said Martie.

"You’re a pain in the ass, Martie," said Emily.

"That’s what we three are, girls, big pains in the asses. And let's keep it that way," said Natalie. “But you’re right. We should keep it in the music. Because without it, we got nothing to say.”

“At least no way of saying it,” added Martie.

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