Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jesus Sends A Text Message To The Dixie Chicks

Hi Dixie Chicks. This is Jesus. I hope you do not mind my method of communication, using a text message. It is the most convenient means for me to communicate. These days I have lots of options, but texting is most cost effective. Plus, I got an advanced version of the Motorola Q and I wanted to try it out.

I just want you to know that I am aware of the difficulties you are having with your colleagues in the music business as well as lots of people in the media, not to mention the public at large. I sympathize. But to be perfectly honest, I would not be writing but for one simple fact: your music is great. Your new album “Taking The Long Way” is number one here where I reside, and even the Old Man likes it, and He is not even a country music fan. I told Him that your music is not just country music, that it is bigger than that, broader, more eclectic. But like most sons talking to their fathers, He does not seem to get it. All He knows is that He likes it. And quite frankly, I have to obtain another copy of your album because I have not been able to get mine back from Dad. I am thinking of getting my hands on an iPod and downloading your album. Can you download a whole album from iTunes?

I have just a few comments to help you through this rough patch. You are always right to be honest with yourselves and with the people who listen to your music, not to mention your loved ones and friends. If I may make a suggestion, and please do forgive the presumption that I might have anything useful for you, but if you feel the urge to talk about issues and other things that trouble you, that make you angry, that make you sad, that make you happy, or anything that moves you, then I strongly suggest that you channel that energy into your music and NOT into a speech or talk shows or interviews. Do not feel like you have to explain yourselves to the public. Let the music do your talking. Channel the passion into your music and you will do just fine. In fact, if you keep writing music like you did on “Taking The Long Way,” then you will do better than just fine. You will do great.

One last thing. The Old Man mentioned that He really likes “Easy Silence” particularly because all of all the craziness going on. He says that’s what humankind needs right now, some “easy silence.”

Sorry. One more thing. Don’t tell anyone you got this text message from me. They will just think you are nuts and it will be yet another reason for them to make fun of you. Don’t give them anymore reasons. Just give them music. Bye.

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